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Cravings, everyone in recovery’s worst nightmare.  The big questions that we often hear are – “How long will it last?” “What do I do when I’m craving?” “Will they ever go away?”  The answers to these are not exactly what you might want to hear, but rest assured there is hope.  Recovery is tough and it takes a lot to keep it.

Cravings come in cycles and overcoming each cycle makes you stronger and helps you develop the emotional muscle to overcome the next cycle.  Often these cycles are jump started by triggers, romanticizing, drug culture, rituals, stress, or a lack of coping skills and can last for hours, all depending on how much you entertain the thoughts that you have. 

Shutting these thoughts down becomes easier over time but it is imperative that you NEVER work through these thoughts alone.  Verbalize how you feel to those supporting you.  This will allow for an increase of accountability and therefore decrease you chances of acting out.  Immerse yourself in a culture of recovery, ask for help and distract yourself.  Hang in there, it will pass!

Disempowering your addiction can be done by being open and transparent about how you are feeling and the thoughts that you have.  It’s never comfortable, but it empowers your recovery process and allows you to connect with those that love and care for you.

By Craig Bilton

Adult Centre Manager


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