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Adult Questions & Answers

How long is the recovery program at Healing wings?

The recommended minimum is six months; however, recovery is a process not a product and as such varies from case to case.


Once I start the program, when would I be able to speak to my family and or friends?

Contact with family is allowed after the first month and will be a monitored phone call. Thereafter a weekly phone call can be scheduled with up to three people within your family. In addition, letters or emails may be sent from your family and you may send to them. Friends are generally not allowed to contact you.


Can I keep my cell phone with me?

There are no phones, laptops or devices allowed in the program. This is primarily to prevent loss or damage but also has a major influence in your treatment process.


Can my family, partner and or friends visit me?

Visits are allowed from three months onwards. The initial visit will be a weekend in the Nelspruit area. The people allowed to visit and the exact time of the visit will be determined on a case to case basis.


I have a chronic disease and require medication for it, how does the centre accommodate for that?

We have a fully equipped medical room, with 24/7 nursing staff on standby. They will issue your medication as needed and refills can be handled on any of our multiple weekly town trips.


I have a chronic disease and need to see a doctor regularly; will the centre arrange for a doctor in the area and transport me there?

We have standing relationships with many of the medical practitioners in Nelspruit. We will facilitate appointments and transport on a weekly basis.


I am employed does my company have to give me special leave while at the centre?

There will definitely be a need for extended leave due to the six month recommended minimum for treatment. The exact combination of leave types necessary will vary between companies.


My company wants to fire me because of my addiction, is there assistance at the centre to communicate with my company?

We have an official letter of admission that can be provided to employers, and we would be happy to speak with employers to explain the process and what to expect. However, no guarantees can be made and as such the decision still lies with the employer as to whether they will maintain employment.


Will I be sharing a room with another resident or do I get my own room?

All of our resident accommodation is shared. The core reason is accountability, and prevention of regression into old behaviours.

“I cannot put into words the emotions I have gone through and things I have learnt”

Testimonial from Donovan Knapp, Volunteer

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