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Youth Centre

Youth Centre

Healing Wings South Africa is proud to be the only centre in South Africa that combines treatment and schooling for the youth in one location. The program is based on a daily routine designed to encourage the residents to contribute to all facets of social interaction and normal behavioural patterns, with the aim of gaining self-confidence and respect. Guidance is provided in a personal and caring environment in which the residents receive unconditional support in their recovery.

The program is comprised of the following elements:

  • Assigned duties
  • Morning devotionals and quiet time
  • Daily schooling.
  • Individual Counselling: Therapists & Social Workers
  • Individual assistance with Step Work
  • Step Work Groups
  • Educational Lectures & Interactive Group Therapy
  • Small Focus Groups: eating disorders, anger management, grief, depression, abuse. (Groups subject to change)
  • Life Skills group discussions
  • Drug Education
  • Arts and Crafts Therapy
  • Skills Development Programmes: Music Production or Guitar Skills Development.
  • Nature Therapy
  • Sports Therapy – hiking, mountain biking, soccer, volleyball, baseball, swimming, jogging, aerobics activities etc.
  • Spiritual Counselling


Purpose College was registered as an independent school with the Department of Education (DoE) in 2013. The school is managed under the Healing Wings umbrella and utilises its own CAPS curriculum for grades 8 - 12, and an external online system for grades 4 – 7, both of which are aligned to the DoE.

The school is registered with SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) Evaluation board for grades 10 – 12 who receive and moderate all examinations.

All teachers hold relevant qualifications and are registered with SACE as required by Umalusi Council. Our teachers work in collaboration with Healing Wings staff to help each resident continue their education, under challenging circumstances.

We are an English mainstream school and only offer English and Afrikaans as either Home or First Additional language. All lessons are taught in English; however, textbooks, tasks, and tests can be provided in Afrikaans for those who need. We are unfortunately unable to offer remedial schooling of any kind.

It must be stressed that each day is divided into face-to-face classes with a teacher presenting as well as self-study sessions. Therefore, no learner is taught for the full day.

Since its inception, Purpose College has proudly maintained a 95% Matric pass rate, reaching both Bachelor and Diploma entry to Tertiary studies.

School hours are from 08.00am to 13.00pm, whereafter all children eat lunch and move into the treatment program. Educational staff work strictly from Monday to Friday until 15.00pm.

All school feedback such as academic struggles, behavior, and other will be communicated to you via your child’s Case Manager, and not the school. This is to avoid confusion and miscommunication between the parents, school, and social department.


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