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Selfishness Addiction Article


When looking at the idea of selfishness, we must consider its opposite, selflessness. 


This is the journey of 21 year old Megan Brewer.

Megan came to Healing Wings in May 2016 and once she completed the program, chose to stay with us and help others. A short while into her stay with us, Megan got what was arguably the most devastating news she had ever received, in this video she describes her struggles and how she found victory despite them.

Our Centres

Adult Centre

Adult Centre

Providing those with life debilitating issues the tools necessary to overcome and live a purpose filled life of freedom.

Youth Centre

Youth Centre

Enabling youth to overcome their addictions and behavioural problems, going on to lead fulfilled lives.

Halfway House

Halfway House

Providing a safe platform for transition and reintegration into real-living after primary care treatment.

Healing Wings Johannesburg

Johannesburg Office

As part of our ongoing commitment to those suffering from addiction our Johannesburg office amplifies our service in Gauteng. In addition to our being available for any sort of advice and help, our experienced team will be providing primary counseling, aftercare and support to residents leaving our program.

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