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Support Groups

Support Groups are a valuable resource in any persons recovery. They can provide pre or post treatment support to an individual and help to maintain the culture that treatment creates. In addition they are an element of accountability and a platform for shared experience with those who have walked a similar path.

For those who have a loved one or family member in treatment, support groups can be an educational tool. They offer insights into what addiction or behavioural problems do to an individual and those surrounding them. The support of others' with similar situations also affords emotional and psychological comfort and a place to share.

Please refer to our list of support groups, locations and times. Times and locations may vary, so contact the support groups directly prior to attending.

H.E.A.L. or Healing & Educating Addicted Lives has Several support groups for all types of addictions. HEAL has locations for both family members and those in recovery in the Johannesburg, Pretoria and KZN areas.

Contact Graham Moore on 082 448 3351 or email

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