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Every day we communicate with our family, friends and colleagues. We also communicate with ourselves through the inner dialogue that occurs in everyone’s thoughts. 

But what is communication?

The definition states that communication is the act of transferring information from one place to another. Despite the simplicity of this, the subject becomes more complex when you consider the multitude of ways in which you can choose to communicate.

Communication can be made through verbal, non-verbal, written or visual channels. Each of these has strengths and drawbacks. The complexity comes largely from the variety of channels; as well as each person’s unique cultural, demographic and geographic background. When combined, mixed messages occur, and people feel unheard or experience frustration and degradation of relationship.

Communication and Addiction

Countless studies have shown direct correlation between effective communication and reduced addiction. This means the more we can communicate and build meaningful relationships, the more likely we are to avoid addiction in ourselves and our loved ones.

Our experience here at Healing Wings has clearly supported this view, as broken relationships go hand in hand with the addictions of the residents we treat. Hence why relationship restoration is a cornerstone of our treatment program.

Take a minute today to look at the relationships in your life, are they as meaningful as they could be? Give time and effort to them as they could be the thing that saves your life.

By David Lacey

Youth Centre Counsellor

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