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September 2000, marked the birth of Healing Wings Rehabilitation Centre, situated in Matutuine,Southern Mozambique. Healing Wings is driven by founders, Acacio and Ruth Valadas Vieira with their unwavering faith, passion and perseverance in everything they do.

With nine years in Mozambique, establishing the primary care therapuetic programme, a strong foundation was laid for the  opening of Healing Wings South Africa, Sudwala Mpumulanga in June 2009.

The rehabilitation centre reaches out to men and woman in active addiction  who have the inability to stop their addiction on their own. Healing Wings addiction centre  helps to change the life’s of individuals with drug, alcohol and sex addictions as well as people with eating disorders.

Registered with the Departments of Social Development, Health and Education, Healing Wings South Africa offers a holistic programme focused on developing in the individual a sense of self, freedom from addiction and passion to pursue and realise goals. Understanding that we are not one-dimensional, Healing Wings rehabilitation centre embraces a 3-fold approach to treatment; the program explores recovery on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis

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HeHW Rehab Logo Bothaling Wings Youth Centre and Purpose College School offer teenagers (ages 12 – 18 years), struggling with addiction and addictive behaviors, the platform to heal and develop in a nurturing environment. The multi-faceted treatment programme is structured to incorporate schooling, therapeutic treatment, spiritual aspects and outdoor activities into a daily routine.

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